Gong Xi Fa Cai! Get Ready to Produce Chinese New Year Decorations to Increase Sales

On February 12th, Chinese people will be celebrating the Lunar New Year. This celebration is not an ordinary international new year, because it’s filled with cultural traditions. It is consist of several unique beliefs and also Chinese New Year decorations, such as:

  • Giving red envelopes filled with money (also known as hongbao), which symbolizes good wishes and luck
  • Decorate the house with lunar new year decorations, like red lanterns or paper cuttings in the shape of the word Fú (福), which means good fortune, blessings, and happiness
  • Small orange tree with little red envelopes hanging on it
  • Giving hampers filled with orange, a layered cake (kue lapis), snack tray, etc
  • Celebrating lunar new year’s eve with firecrackers – just like the regular new year
  • And many more!

Counting days to the biggest Chinese celebration, many entrepreneurs are starting to sell any Chinese New Year decorations, and you should too! There are many new Chinese new year decorations that are actually produced using cutting machines, like iECHO or Quantum Cutting Laser CO2. Here are the seasonal CNY products you can prepare now to increase your digital printing business sales during this season!

Making Chinese New Year Decorations Using iECHO Cutting Machine

The iECHO cutting machine is a powerful, automatic intelligent cutting system equipped with various tools to cut more than 12 different materials: KT board, PP paper, foam board, vinyl sticker, reflective materials, cardboard, plastic sheet, corrugated board, grey board, corrugated plastic, ABS board, as well as magnetic sticker. This machine can precisely make 3 different cuttings:

  • Cutting: Perfect for making kiss cut stickers
  • Half cutting: Perfect for making contour cut stickers
  • Creasing and marking: Perfect to add the folding mark on the thicker materials

Hampers Box

Dekorasi Imlek - Chinese New Year Decorations
Beautiful hampers packaging needs to be thought thoroughly as well

To celebrate special occasions during the new normal times, people often send gifts or hampers and the lunar new year is no exception. We predicted this hampers trend will be hugely popular this year especially because of the social distancing restriction. People are expected to spend the celebration in a small group, and congratulating others whom they can’t meet directly by sending gifts. And if you’re talking about holiday hampers, you should not forget the beautiful and exquisite packaging designs that hold the gifts altogether. There are so many options and pretty packaging options, but one of the most basic yet popular ones is the box due to its sturdy and easily customized materials.

With an iECHO cutting machine, you can cut the box easily to make your preferable box shapes, such as a lantern-shaped box or even a drawer-like box. This hampers packaging is not only popular among the hampers sellers, but also individuals who wish to create their own DIY Chinese new year hampers.

Red Envelopes or Red Packets (Hongbao)

angpao hublot laser cut
Hongbao, essential element in celebrating Chinese New Year
(Photo: South China Morning Post)

Can we all agree that a red envelope is one of the main things that makes the lunar new year special? This monetary gift is usually given from the older people who have gotten married to the ones who are not yet, especially children. Ahead of the lunar new year, the blank red envelopes are also given from companies as souvenirs to their clients.

Just like its name, these envelopes are literally made from red paper which is then folded into an envelope shape and to add more variations, they can be printed with gold ink or even adding a laser-cut effect.

Making Chinese New Year Decorations Using Quantum Cutting Laser CO² 

Dekorasi Imlek/ Chinese New Year Decorations
Example of Chinese New Year acrylic decoration
(Sumber: Wall Sticker Home Deco Malaysia)

The other cutting machine that’s also a beast in its department is the Quantum Cutting Laser CO² machine. This one is different from the previous iECHO machine because Quantum Cutting Laser CO², just like its name, is a laser-based cutting machine. This machine has a high power capacity to cut through thicker and stronger materials, such as wood, glass, and acrylic.

Acrylic or Paper Decorations for Walls & Windows

dekorasi imlek kayu
Example of wood used for Chinese New Year decoration
(Sumber: AsiaOne)

The good news is: all materials which can be cut with Quantum Cutting Laser CO² can also be used for lunar new year decorations. Two decorations that have just come through our minds are the acrylic or paper cutting letters that are usually pasted to walls or windows. Laser cutting is the perfect machine to use because this kind of cutting often includes delicate details and curves.  The letter (or word) that is usually made into this cutting is Fú (福) which bears the meaning of good fortune.

The seasonal celebrations are the perfect opportunity to boost your sales and there is no reason not to sell any of the supplies if your business is benefiting from it. With that being said, let’s gear up and prepare to celebrate the lunar new year while boosting your sales this February with Laysander!

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