6 Eco Solvent Printers You Need to Know for Your Digital Printing Business

Printer Eco Solvent Printer
Laysander brings you 6 eco solvent printers type, find most suitable one for your digital printing business

When choosing something to buy — we mean literally everything, like a smartphone or even furniture — one thing you need to ask is, “Will this suit my needs?”. There is always the particular type of something that fits your needs best, hence will also make your life easier because it accommodates your best. This is the case too when buying an eco solvent printer for your business. You surely want one suits your needs best right? Then go ahead and read more of this article, as we introduce you our 6 eco solvent printers with their abilities.

For your information (if you don’t already know), currently there are many brands and types of eco solvent printers. You can’t simply think “they are all the same!” but instead, they are not. Depending on what kind of feature you need to produce the expected result, and how much budgets you have, choosing an eco solvent printer for your first investment may be challenging. So, here is the guideline for the top 6 eco solvent printers available at Laysander to help you decide!

Eco Dex Printer

Printer Eco Solvent Eco Dex
Laysander’s Eco Dex Printer

If you are just getting started, Eco Dex Printer is probably your best choice because of its highly affordable price tag. It’s priced around Rp 70 million with features to create a high-quality printing:

  • Using XP600 printhead that is up to 75% more affordable than DX5 printhead
  • Available options to user 1 or 2 printhead(s)
  • Able to print a media with a maximum width of 1,8 meter
  • Up to 17 m²/ hour print speed

Ecojet Prime Printer

Printer Eco Solvent Ecojet Prime
Ecojet Prime, Laysander’s Best Selling Eco Solvent Printer

This printer is one of our most popular eco solvent at the moment. Starting from Rp 100 million, Ecojet Prime is using 2 XP600 printheads for faster printing speed. Other specifications include:

  • 4in1 heater in the back, bed, infrared, cooler fan
  • Up to 22 m²/ hour print speed
  • Powerful exterior build
  • Including 1-year printer warranty and 6-month printhead warranty

Epson SureColor® SC-S40670 dan SC-S60670 Printer

Next, we have an eco solvent printer from the top Japanese manufacturer Epson, SureColor® SC-S40670 dan SC-S60670. Coming from the SureColor® series, both types have the same powerful specs for indoor and outdoor printing, especially for big sized banners. The main difference between these 2 types is the number of printheads. The SC-S40670 is equipped with 1 PrecisionCore TFP printhead, whereas the SC-S60670 has 2 PrecisionCore TFP printhead.

Epson SureColor® SC-S80670 Printer

Epson SC-S80670
Epson SC-S80670

Sharp color that looks real is one of the best print quality of Epson SureColor® SC-S80670. This eco solvent printer is equipped with 10 color to create the color that looks real and enhanced: CMYK, Light Cyan, Light Magenta, Light, Black, Orange, Red, White, and Metallic Silver. If you can’t compromise on the color quality, this is definitely worth the investment.

Epson SureColor® SC-S60670L & S80670L Printer

Lastly, we have the newest variants from Epson S Series: Epson SureColor® SC-S60670L & S80670L. The main feature of both printers is the bulk ink system, which enables them to contain 1,5 liter of ink for every color. This is double the usual ink capacity of eco-solvent printers, which is only 700 ml of ink. The conclusion? These are currently the best eco-solvent printers you can get for mass production.

Nowadays, plastic waste is harming our environment more than ever and if we were to include digital printing waste, ink waste can also cause some damages to the environment because of its toxicity. By using an eco solvent printer, you can do less harm to the environment because you can produce so many things that can be recycled or reused, and the eco solvent ink used is also eco friendly because it doesn’t contain a ketone or aggressive solvent chemicals. For more information about specifications and the complete price list, please click here to reach out to our team.

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