4 Unique Outdoor Printing Product Ideas to Gain More Profit

Outdoor Printing Product Ideas
4 Outdoor printing product ideas to inspire you gain more profit

One of the exciting part about the digital printing business is the vast variation of products you can produce with the outdoor printing machine, starting from the most basic marketing tool like banners and posters to something smaller like canvas-based materials for business or personal needs. If you are an outdoor digital printing business owner, here are some fresh outdoor printing product ideas for you!

Outdoor Printing Product Ideas: Printed Floral Board

In Indonesia, flower board is one of the most popular mediums to send a congratulation or condolences. This board is usually made of a wood frame, which is then coated with Styrofoam and decorated with fresh flowers and thin colorful foam. But to skip the hassle, nowadays people create this floral board in a printed version. As you might guess, this version of the floral board is indeed printed on a banner, then the printed banner is attached to the wood frame.

Printed flower board might now be an alternative fresh flower board
Printed flower board might now be an alternative fresh flower board

This kind of floral board is quickly becoming the favorite, as it’s more practical and quicker to make. Other than that, you can consider this as your next product because of these advantages:

  • You may include a logo, images, or even a photo to attach since it’s easier to print than to recreate the pictures with real flowers. Hence, you can also experiment with various designs without having to worry about the difficulty.
  • Time-saving and easier process, no need to cut the styrofoam and arrange the flowers manually.
  • More durable, especially in harsh weather.
  • Lessen the usage of Styrofoam.
  • The final board can still look pretty because you can decorate the printed banner with real flowers as frames.

Outdoor Printing Product Ideas: Balloon Gate, Cube Balloon, Zeppelin

Have you seen the gate-shaped balloon in a running event to mark the start and finish line? Or, have you noticed the cubical balloon in an exhibition booth?

Those are the next product inspiration you can offer. Both balloon gate in a race and cube balloon as marketing tools are made of PVC plastic and can be easily printed using an outdoor digital printing machine.

Baloon Print
Baloon material print

Besides the cube balloon, you can also find another interesting shape for this kind of marketing balloon, such as a zeppelin or simply a giant balloon. The cube balloons usually have a 2 x 2 m size, while the balloon gate has a 3 to 9 m width.

Outdoor Printing Product Ideas: Fabric Banner

Fabric Banner
Fabric banner could also be printed with outdoor printing machine

Banners aren’t only made from types of vinyl, but also made of various kinds of fabric! This kind of banner is usually popular in Indonesia and is proved to be durable for outdoor use because of its thickness yet lightweight material.

Outdoor Printing Product Ideas: Canvas

Canvas print
Certain type of canvas could be printed using outdoor printer

Canvas is one of the most versatile materials since it can be used for many useful things, like a simple tote bag or eco-friendly shopping bag for example. This simple yet handy product is usually given as souvenirs for literally every kind of event: wedding, corporate meeting, birthday, you name it, and the good news, this versatile product can also be printed using an outdoor machine! Even though it may be better to print canvas using an eco-solvent or UV printer, an outdoor machine can definitely be an alternative.

We know that the digital printing business has (almost) unlimited possibilities. In the form of banners themselves, you can use various fabrics or materials to create a different output, depending on your clients’ needs. If you are looking to grow your digital printing business, feel free to talk to our team about what you want, because we will be more than happy to assist you to develop more products and gain more revenue!

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